Reflection for the Week

29th October 2017

Sometime during 1987 my dad wrote a reflection as he tried to prayerfully discern what new adventures God might be calling him on as he retired, aged 55.

As it did for Abraham and Peter, a new and unknown landscape was about to open up for him.

Dad was a Building Surveyor. He knew all about buildings, plans and foundations. But as he faced retirement he needed a new plan… to follow a different way… an unknown way… to re-form himself according to God’s call and at Christ’s leading.

Dad put his faith and trust in God, and God was his constant companion in every shifting and unfamiliar landscape of the rest of his life.

God called and…

Abraham walked to Canaan,

he trusted God, not knowing where God was to lead him.

Jesus called and…

Peter followed Him in His ministry.

Later Peter followed Jesus’ call to him to walk on the water…

but Peter doubted, he was human, like us.

We need to trust our Lord and Father.

God is our Architect, He designed the world,

He created us.

He has plans for us, as he had plans for Abraham.

Our foundation is Jesus Christ and,

just as Peter became filled with Jesus

to become the one on whom He would build His Church

so we, if we keep close to Him in prayer,

will find where God is calling us to serve Him.

Trevor Lawley – 1987


Revd. Janine Atkinson (nee Lawley)


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