Dear Friends

Doesn’t time fly!  It seems no time since I last had the “privilege” to write this letter for the SPACE magazine.

How things have changed!!

We now have: no minister and are in Vacancy; 4 churches within our group – it was 7 when I joined SPACE; had a COVID pandemic with lockdown and our congregations have reduced in number.

We have changed!!

No-one likes CHANGE but we have it.

C   Community – as Church we are here to support the members of our local and extended neighbourhood.

H   Hospitality – we are always willing to make a cup of tea or coffee, give visitors a warm welcome and hopefully lead them to a knowledge of God.

A   Be Aware of our surroundings and the needs of all.  Find out what the needs of others are and if possible, help.

N   New beginnings – The position we are in now is New to each and every one of us.  Where do we start?  Let us put all our cares and worries to God in prayer.

G   God is there for all of us.  He is with us – looking, listening, seeing all we do.  We must ask for his help and direction in all we do.  Our prayers may not be answered at once “but watch this SPACE”.

E   Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed – NOT TRUE.  God will provide for our needs – perhaps not as quickly as we would like or exactly as we perceive – HE WILL PROVIDE.

Remember as Paul said in his letter to the Hebrews chapter 13 v 7-10

Yesterday – today – forever Jesus Christ is the same!

Yours in love and friendship

Isobel Templeton

Ravensthorpe with Hopton

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