Dear Friends,

The last SPACE Leaders meeting would like us to think of this part of our newsletters as THINKING SPACE: This is the season of Lent.

Did you observe Pancake Tuesday? It can become just a fun day. Its historic meaning is to get back to basic eating: only flour and water (gruel) as even eggs and milk are “rich” foods. Then we have time for Spiritual thoughts; not overindulgence for ourselves, but consideration for others even to the point of sacrificial love.

Considering others might include recalling the seven deadly sins. Do you know what they are? Will SPACELG help? We cannot improve everything. We cannot be perfect. We are not to judge others – that is left for God only. So what can we do?

Week 1 (S) Are we watching too much TV?
Action – Pick and choose more wisely
Week 2 (P) Are we full of our own importance?
Action Do something that will help others
Week 3 (A) Have we had a full blown tantrum?
Action Breathe deeply, say less rather than more
Week 4 (C) Are we too materialistic?
Action Choose things we need, not want
Week 5 (E) Do we want too much?
Action Reduce, re use, re cycle.

That leaves two more deadly sins (what are they?) and one more week before Easter Sunday. All five Churches have a poster and display table for Lent. The topic is “Sacrificial Love”. The pinnacle of this love is the cruel death and amazing resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Action: Add to the display
Read the items
THINK prayerfully

Pauline Blackman (Elder) Norristhorpe URC

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