10th June 2018

Psalm 63 : 1-8 retold

I look for you God

I thirst for you God

My whole being feels Parched and dehydrated longing for you God

So I’ve gone to where I think you will be,

in the sanctuary … to behold your glory

I feel this way and look to you

because the love you give is beCer than life itself …

you are the source of life…

Praises fall from my lips to you…

my words of blessing will flow out from me

as long as breath surges through my body.

No maCer what happens

or where life takes me,

I will praise you with my enIre being.

My hands will raise as I call out your name.

My soul is well nourished

My lips fill with joy, whenever I think of you.

Even when I go to bed

and meditate on you throughout the night

and into the break of day.

For I know how you have worked throughout my life

I know how you have protected me.

You understand my situaIon

and you uphold me,

So I sing to you

my very being clings to you.You God are my God

I look for you, I look to you

I will praise you with my enIre being for as long as I live.

Revd. Mark Robinson


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