1st July  2018


I marvel at a little nameless plant that has grown up in my garden which pushed itself up out of the soil. It has withstood the merciless heat of the sun and has stood tall against the lashing torrent of rain and the bruising battering of the wind. 

This tall thin plant stood up to what I saw as turbulent challenges against the odds — somewhat beaten and yet not defeated. 
What gave it its resilience, what provided its strength and its boldness?
The invisible strands that lay hidden from the world, gave it just what it needed. Its roots held firm, hidden, unseen, invisible. 
We too have unseen, invisible strands that we can and should hold firm to, and draw strength from. God is the root from which these strands spring. Unseen and yet working in our lives. 
God is there when the heat is merciless, there when the rain lashes down, there when the wind is bruising, there when we stand tall against the odds. 
To God be the glory!

Revd. Mark Robinson

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