Dear Friends,

It’s the first time I’ve done this, so bear with me!

Easter already!  Where does the time go?  In the middle of a Vacancy since Revd Janine left us for pastures new, and the ongoing Vacancy at Kingsway/SPACE, plus being Church Secretary and working full time, leads to a very busy life, so it’s nice to have some ‘down time’, just to sit back and relax.  But when I do that, it gets me thinking – which can be quite dangerous at times!

Recently I was thinking about my relationship with my friends, both at work, and outside of work.  It came up in conversation at work that I go to Church, and quite involved in the running of our Church, they were all gobsmacked!  “You don’t seem like a Church goer!” so I replied “Well what does a Church goer seem like?”  “Not you” was the reply.

Then we got on to what they believe is, and isn’t true in the Bible.

I’ve done this before with other friends.

“How can you think that’s true!?”

“Well I can’t explain everything, I’m not a Vicar.”

But I still think they can’t explain everything anyway!

My point here is, a lot of my friends don’t believe in God, Jesus, the Resurrection, Adam and Eve – I struggle with that one myself if truth be told!  But we still get on, we’re still friends, we still mess about and have a good laugh.  It crops up on occasion, and we have discussions, but never, ever fall out over it – why should we?  They accept who I am, and myself likewise, just how it should be!

From all your friends at Ravensthorpe with Hopton – Happy Easter and may God bless you all.


Church Secretary

Ravensthorpe with Hopton

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